Saturday, September 15, 2012

KTS InfoMate : The next generation Digital Sigange Software Solution

In the world of information technology , a lot of changes are happening. Beginning with the invention of transistors, man's quest for faster and more efficient technologies that can make his life easy is always in the increasing path. The field of media and entertainment technologies and its associated technologies like Digital Signage and Event Management systems are no more an exception. The technologies that cost more than a million US Dollar once now became available to normal business operations at an affordable cost. KTS InfoMate is one such affordable Digital technology, that will make the job of professionals in the field of Digital signage, Digital Notice Board, Event Management, video conferencing and other related areas easy. This cutting edge state of the art new generation technology enables the organizations and advertisement agencies to easily manage their events and digital display contents at fraction of the cost compared to the traditional style of content display thereby reducing the manpower requirement and increasing the ROI.

This technology also enables every organization to afford a Digital Signage system of their own so that it can be used for tasks like event management, Digital notice board, Interactive Class rooms, Video Kiosks, Video conferencing systems, CCTV Monitoring etc. This also means that organizations don't need to relay or other providers for Event Management Display hardware and software Systems on a rental basis.

Unlike other traditional digital signage which depends a lot on the hardware technologies, KTS InfoMate Digital Signage technology Framework built entirely on software and will run in a general purpose PC (with a normal Display or a TV Monitor attached to the PC) with an Operating system like Windows. Built from ground-up using proven software product engineering methodologies, this modular plug-in design architecture based software technology framework can easily meet the requirement of any organization with little or no additional customization effort.

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